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There are currently no Tutorials for version 3 code.


NoteWeaver tutorials are Flash audio/video files that guide you through the various aspects of program navigation and operation.   They were created using the powerful and intuitive program Camtasia Studio by TechSmith. 

The tutorials are designed to get you well on your way to using the program.  After that the NoteWeaver Help and User's Manual can be used as a quick reference.

Using a lower screen resolution?  You can probably select something like"View / Full Screen" browser menu item to use the full screen with the fastest speed video.    Or, the video may not keep up as well, but you can click the Flash Player bottom strip right hand Fill Screen icon.  

Audio cutting out or video lagging?  Per Adobe's web site these may require a faster computer with more system and video RAM.

Note:  Four tutorials are ready, so far.   More coming soon...   You can view the complete manual from a link within the NoteWeaver web page.