-------------- Important to read all the following --------------------

The shopping cart is used to:

1. Purchase NoteWeaver
2. Download NoteWeaver, after the product has been purchased.
3. Download a free trial NoteWeaver version that doesn't load or save data or song files

First, an account needs to be set up by clicking Get an Account found in the Account Options section to the left.

After you have an account there will be a Downloads selection listed in the Account Options section
from which you can appropriately download the Mac and PC production or trial versons. 

For various reasons all sales are final. 

If there's any doubt as to whether the program will work for you first download
the trial version and try it out with your MIDI equipment before purchasing.


This shopping cart contains a mechanism that verifies if downloads are completed, along
with records of those events.  If for any reason you are unable to download the product
please email Support from within the Home window, and we will send you a Tracked copy
through the mail in order to complete the sale.

Here again, you can test the download process by first downloading a trial version.


By purchasing a NoteWeaver license I (buyer) agree that all sales are final and I agree
to accept a Tracked, mailed version of the program if I am not able to download the product.

                                    The NoteWeaver program icon looks like this:

Purchase NoteWeaver

While Purchasing:

When you're directed to the PayPal site,   Click:  "Don't have a PayPal account?"   to pay with a credit card.