NoteWeaver Ultra MIDI Playing Surface Router/Front End
An invitation to a new beginning to how we can make music...



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The Interval System

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Below are some ad hoc, little planned, real-time
recordings done during development,
some very noisy.

Click lower selections to play.

Volume initially turned down,
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NoteWeaver Introduction YouTube Video

Create songs quickly, having fun.


o  Focuses on being an extremely powerful and flexible large scale MIDI playing surface mapper

o  Using super easy to edit tables gives each played note 8 layers of identical possibilities

o  Can turn songs on a dime with each new note played

o  Provides 8 layers of simultaneous:

        Echos  &   Arps      ...cycling through scales, octaves, beats, & voices (patches)    also single key triggered:     1-Shot Riffs    &   Repeating Riffs

o  Supports NoteWeaving technology called: "The Interval System"-- notes that jump in intertwining never
    heard ways while fluidly shifting musical keys of other note groups

o  Has 256:   Kb, Dr, & Guit input playing surface Maps,   Output Synth Maps,  Scales,  Chords,  & Tracks 

o  Is designed to synchronize multiple players
















A Note to Experienced Keyboard Players

NoteWeaver does not subtract from, replace, or displace all your years of experience and any talent you currently have. NoteWeaver does not in any way take this from you. On the contrary, there's no substitute for the painstaking years of learning to play in the styles you do, and no one coming along and trying to short-cut this effort will be able to pull it off and sound the same as you.

With respect to pianos, there's nothing like a spectacular performance, playing a well crafted song. And no electronic instrument can ever replace this.

However, when playing a well crafted song through a MIDI synth, or MIDI piano, NoteWeaver can easily augment your current playing styles and make your performances more rich and interesting.

Further, NoteWeaver opens up many playing possibilities, which in the long run may invigorate and popularize the entire field of instrument playing in many unforeseen ways. This may promote much more interest in piano playing for the players and the audiences, as people can experiment with music theory faster and may want to translate that to more traditional instruments, with their new found abilities.

There are many inventions out there that HAVE displaced other industries. For instance, digital cameras and high end digital video cameras have pretty much displaced film.

NoteWeaver, fortunately, is not one of these, as it builds on existing talent and full attention can be given to further improving and spicing up your repertoire of songs.

$250.00 with quantity discounts & licensing



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Minimum System Requirements



In order to get started you'll need a PC or Mac computer.

You'll also need to connect some sort of music synthesizer through a MIDI port or USB connection so you can play notes and they can be sent back to the synth, modified.   Or you could use a separate MIDI input controller, like a keyboard, and then use a separate synth module for output. 

In most cases a MIDI or USB driver will need to be installed using the disk that came with your USB keyboard, or MIDI interface.  

PC Minimum Requirements
Macintosh Minimum Requirements

Windows XP
500 MHz Processor
1024 x 768   Screen Resolution
256 MB System RAM
30 MB Hard Disk Space
Internet Connection

OS  10.2 or Higher
500 MHz Processor
1152 x 768   Screen Resolution
256 MB System RAM
30 MB Hard Disk Space
Internet Connections



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