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The Interval System

Who's It For?









If you use NoteWeaver, the program:

1. Helps you play better
2. Helps you play more openly and creatively
3. Helps you create proprietary songs faster
4. Helps bring back the fun of playing
5. Helps break down barriers to the tradition keyboard layout
6. Helps you explore music theory using circular scale note relationships

7. Helps you direct multiple hardware and software synths in many powerful new ways


The basic concepts inside NoteWeaver and the program operation are straight-forward. 
However, there are many of them, yielding a learning curve  -- not unlike any large music program...

NoteWeaver inserts tables of musical note interaction possibilities in the playing path.
It's designed to be way open and way flexible.  

If you delight at the thought of note-by-note, turn on a dime, weaving in and out of new MIDI
instrument playing surface layouts, scales, patches (voices),
voice arpeggiation, voice echoing,
blended intervals, etc. in new, never before possible ways, then NoteWeaver's for you.

Real-time hover tool tips are displayed at the top of the window, minimizing learning-curve.


  • Classical, Jazz, Rock, Hip-Hop, Techno, New Age, etc.
  • Songwriters, students, instructors, and people who play for fun
  • Stage, nightclub, theatre, etc.
  • Are you a musician who always wants to play better?
  • Seasoned pros vastly expanding playing possibilities
  • Performance artists using MIDI human interface in unique ways
  • Band members being synchronized, tightly.
  • Drummers  -  Using your drum synths and/or programs along with NoteWeaver's built-in jumping notes, scream up and down through thick layers of never before heard drum possibilities, with just a few pads




  • Local and Touring Bands
  • Film scores, Television Shows
  • Professional Music Industry Musicians
  • Radio and Television Jingles, Advertising, and Bumper Music
  • Existing Musicians -- compatible with millions of existing MIDI controllers and synths
  • Health Industry, for instance:  working with challenged children
  • Expected to substantially boost synth and MIDI controller sales
  • Web -- Spice up your social networking presence, MySpace, FaceBook, etc. and increase web site impact inexpensively and easily


Music Training and Theory

  • Music theory and training possibilities are far reaching
  • Kids loving how much fun learning to play can be
  • Valuable aid for learning new musical phrases applied to traditional instruments
  • Opens large new market for training materials -- books, tapes, DVDs, web sites, etc.
  • Voice coaches, private teachers, piano lessons, etc.



New Users

It's recommended that new users are comfortable and
familiar with the following topics before using NoteWeaver:

  • MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) basics
  • MIDI hardware, USB and MIDI cable connections
  • USB and MIDI software driver installation procedures
  • General computer operation -- windows, editing, files, the mouse, etc.
  • Basic musical principles (and notation, if interested)

The documentation assumes at least a light understanding of these topics.            



    Advanced Beginner Musicians

  • Inherent interval producing method simplifies playing
  • No need to learn 12 sets of scales and chord shapes
  • Start playing complex classical sounding music, immediately
  • Musician chooses and plays each note, maintaining full human feel
  • Quick, simple, and powerful table editing
  • Intuitive, color coded tables and instruments
  • Little hand movement produces multi-octave phrases with ease 
  • Simple, intuitive, multi-track sequencer - now with Piano Roll and Tracks integrated 
  • Fun and creatively intriguing, right from the start 
  • Templates can initially be used, a new musician can jump right in 
  • Simple, fast, full-screen navigation -- similar to internet. & Multiple open windows. 
  • Input & Output keyboard screen quickly helps learning theory 
  • Spokes window shows note relationships in a powerful way

Intermediate Musicians

     All the advantages of Advanced Beginner, plus:

  • Imports Standard MIDI Files that can be immediately remapped using vast tables and functions
  • Exports Standard MIDI Files for use in other apps
  • Easy to integrate into current music understanding
  • Music notation understanding can help expand theory
  • Cleanly supports MIDI guitar players
  • Input & Output keyboard screen displays patterns that can be applied to other instruments
  • Users can also gently ease their way in, augmenting their playing style, slowly
  • Sync keyboards, guitar, and drums for multiple players - sound tighter than ever before, and be able to turn on a dime through the changes


    Professional Musicians

     All the advantages of Advanced Beginner and Intermediate plus:

  • Interval addition and blending most quickly understood by Pros
  • Should even be easier to integrate into existing music structures
  • Pros already understand modulation, so it's a natural extension
  • Chord note and synth possibilities more deeply appreciated
  • Table flexibility promotes endless creativity
  • Pros can weave in and out of tables as a fluid playing style during performances
  • Vast synth maps also aid real-time performance
  • Opens many new sets of possibilities...
  • Exact synchronization of ensemble performance





     All the advantages of Advanced Beginner, Intermediate, and Professionals plus:

  • NoteWeaver accommodates narrow paw widths
  • Flexible chord triggering woos other dogs into dog pack adventures
  • Context sensitive Help is a snap for Fido
  • Fido uses all 4 paws to play vast orchestras of dog-gone good music
  • Affordable solution fits Fido's humble budget
  • Fido's intense gaze confirms commitment to exploring new musical possibilities
  • And them ears! What musical discernment!