Who's It For?

Screen Shots









Start playing immediately
using keyboard templates.


Interval producing Functions (and various others) are applied to played MIDI notes.



Function colors reflected throughout.  (except in some text)


Played notes independently
produce notes or chords sent
to an orchestra of 64 instruments.

MIDI Guitars also supported.

Guitar notes color coded by Function.


Editing is quick and efficient using Cell, Row, Column, String, All,
Function, Auto Incrementing / Decrementing, Shifting, Scrolling,
Reversing, Copy / Paste, Mouse, and Keyboard techniques.



Keyboard and Guitar tables can also be edited in groups, horizontally.

Each incoming note is independently translated using:  Function  -  Offset  -  Output Type  -  Chord  -  Chord Synths




Multiple synth updates occur with
a single keystroke or pedal press.


They also set filtering for
incoming controller events so multiple
synths can be controlled at once.

Chords are built and translated using any comfortable
musical Key with easy to edit tables.   Default chords included.


Listen during chord editing .

Also assigned to each incoming note,
individual chord notes can further generate
orchestras of individual voices.


Listen to multiple synth chords here.


All 128 individual scale notes can be adjusted for two keyboards and guitar...


...and 71 scale templates can be selected, then edited above.


Piano Roll controls are clean and intuitive.


View note Functions and destinations.

Two controllers can be viewed and edited at once.


Once selected notes can be:

Moved vertically       Moved horizontally       Moved both ways       Stretched

Copied      Pasted      Deleted

Repeated vertically multiple times with 1 tick resolution  



Here we work with multiple song tracks.

All individual track events are displayed.


Score controls -- 20 views of 6 Synth/Staff settings stored in songs.



From Colors screen notice Custom Color Sets and Set
Defaults. Notice 3 sections in each colored box to edit RGB values.

Notation color editing example.



Here's a real-time input keyboard shot.



Names can be edited quickly in column fashion.

Where possible, top menu items broken out for highest speed single click navigation.


Great for music theory understanding,
interval relationships can be graphically seen.
Previous notes move in toward the center.






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